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recently. also taking a look at "the wall street journal" nbc poll out today showing that president obama has a slim lead in some key battleground states. four points in iowa, three points here in wisconsin, two points in new hampshire. same time, soledad, those are not comfortable leads even though they tend to be consistent ones that we see. so you see both the obama campaign and romney campaign blanketing wisconsin, for instance, with surrogates. we saw vice president biden here last week as well as senator rubio, a key surrogate for mitt romney. last night, bill clinton was here. he is here this morning. yesterday vice presidential candidate paul ryan was here. we'll also be seeing, of course, president obama here today. you know, it's really interesting. something i want to point out, charles woodson of the green bay packers will be here to rally this crowd here at the airport ahead of president obama. he is the safety for the green bay packers. if you know about football, what does the safety do? they protect against long passes against, that's right, the hail mary, something the ob
have the cnn/orc poll, shows obama with a little bit of a lead over romney. >> most of the polls in ohio show consistently the president between two and four points. ohio is interesting. the unemployment there below the rest of the country. so the economic argument in ohio hasn't been about good economy/bad economy. they kind of microtargeted which is why the romney campaign focused on the issue of coal for instance. hitting the issue of coal hard. >> and the microtargeting is so interesting because every state is different. it has a different economic fingerprint, if you will. if you look at florida, where housing is a very big deal in florida. in florida it's been kind of a pretty stubborn unemployment rate. i think it's still stuck near where it was before. 8.7% today. that's exactly where it was when the president took office. it's come down from the peaks, but still basically where the president took office. and then in virginia you've got an unemployment rate that is also essentially gone up and come back down and it's essentially flat in virginia, too. it also depends on i
about it. thank you, john. >>> president obama heading to new jersey today. brand new polls that john was just mentioning from "the new york times"/cbs quinnipiac polling, virtually tied in florida. look at virginia and in ohio, the president is holding a five-point lead on romney. jen psaki joins us. nice to talk to you. >> good morning, soledad. >> a lot of focus has been taken off the campaign trail as the president focuses on the devastation of superstorm sandy and governor romney, as well, not really campaigning. sort of dealing with the storm aftermath. are you worried when you see some of the those poll numbers, where you see virginia and florida neck and neck? >> the president is out there, doing exactly what the american people elected him to do, which is to manage the country in a state of crisis. for this week, that's hurricane sandy. you've seen him over the past couple of days hunker down in the white house, making calls to mayors and governors, getting briefed by his team. he will be touring the damage with governor christie today. this is a time where politics takes a b
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)